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Pusat Strategi Kebijakan & Pengembangan Masyarakat (PSKPM): KERJASAMA PEMERINTAH & SWATA

PSKPM: “Your Common House for Capacity Building”

[PDF] Developing a Government Bond Market: An Overview - World Bank Group - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ]Jenis Berkas: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - menting policies to support development of a government securities market. 1. 1. The Working Group on Capital Flows, one of three working groups established ...

[PDF] Report of Working Group On Screen Based Trading In Government ... - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ]Jenis Berkas: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -relating to further development of the government securities market to help bring ... The original terms of reference for the Working Group were as under: ...

[PDF] Working Group 4 on “Governance” - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ]
Jenis Berkas: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -Working Group 4 on “Governance”. Labour Market Reforms - Incorporating the ... of the government and labour market structure as a general background. ...

OECD Working Group on Privatisation and Corporate Governance of ... - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ]
Jenis Berkas:
PDF/Adobe Acrobat - 26 Jan 2009 ... government did not intend to build an orthodox market economy, ...... Evidence from Chinese Corporate Groups", Working Paper, 2006. ...
www.oecd.org/dataoecd/14/30/42095493.pdf -

Exploring the role of the US Government in a future advance market ... - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ]
Jenis Berkas: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -
Government working group to include the US. Department of Treasury, the Office of .... negotiations for advance market commitments for the development of ...

Comments on "Government and Market - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ]

viii-ix), the Working Group concluded that. The IMF must have sufficient resources to remain capable of catalysing policy reform and restoration of market ...

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